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20’L x 8’W x 8’6″H,
40’L x 8’W x 8’6″H referred to as Standard Height:
40’L x 8’W x 9’6″H referred to as High Cube
We also have larger containers in select markets that can go up to 45′, 48′ or even 53′ in length. Call now at 214-898-3021​ to inquire about our availability.

If you need to find the exact dimensions of the shipping container you’re looking for check out our table showing the exact measurements of standard container sizes.

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Here’s What We Have to Offer

Our top priority is to provide residential and commercial customers with a top quality product that meets and exceeds their expectations. We understand how important it is for our shipping containers to offer uncompromised protection against weather, theft, tampering, and the rigors of travel, as well as be easy to use and portable. That is why we carefully select and inspect our shipping containers to ensure that they are up to the job, no matter what purpose they are designated for. Make Quality Containers offers a wide selection of new and used shipping containers to make finding a product that fits your needs and budget hassle-free.


Our products offer limitless possibilities for customization and repurposing. Through the years, shipping containers have been versatile.  They’e able to be used for storage spaces, modular buildings, and more. Our customers have been finding more and more creative residential and commercial uses for shipping containers. Because of this, the demand for shipping containers has also grown. Make Quality Containers now offers more selection as well as both new and used shipping containers to better meet the needs of our customers. No matter the final purpose, our quality, durable containers are sure to meet your expectations. If you need more info, please dial us at 214-898-3021​ and we’d be glad to help.

Extra Storage

Having access to extra storage can be a huge relief for many homeowners and business owners. Make Quality Containers offers new and used shipping containers for the purposes of extra on-site storage or work-site storage. Our secure containers will protect your tools, inventory, supplies, equipment, or other belongings from the elements as well as theft or tampering. With a number of different sized containers available for purchase, we can help ensure you have adequate storage space for any volume or size requirements.

New Containers

New shipping containers guarantee peace of mind when it comes to knowing that your cargo or belongings have the utmost protection from the harsh elements and/or theft. We offer a wide selection of new shipping containers to meet your transportation, storage, commercial or residential needs.

Used Containers

Make Quality Containers can be reached at 214-898-3021​​, and our team offers quality used shipping containers that deliver protection and security at a lower cost to residential and commercial customers. Our used shipping containers have been thoroughly inspected to ascertain that they are in fit condition for resale. We believe that used doesn’t have to mean poor quality, and we take the appropriate measures to ensure that our customers do not receive a subpar product.

Commercial Uses

Our customers have found an increasing number of commercial uses for new and used shipping containers. From creating mobile displays to advertise their products or services, to repurposing shipping containers into modular offices, there is no end to the versatility of our product for commercial uses.

Our Testimonials

“Our shipping company has been purchasing both new and used containers exclusively from Make Quality Containers for years, and have never felt found a single fault with the product or service that we received.” – Tom M.

“I purchased a used 20-ft shipping container from Make Quality Containers to repurpose into a shed for my gardening tools and equipment. The container was easy to modify and has held up wonderfully against the elements!” – Charlie B.

“I needed a portable office to setup at work sites during different projects. The shipping container I bought from Make Quality Containers was perfect. I’ve been using it for over a year now and still no issues.” – Shawn G.


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