Extra Storage

Storage space is one thing that there never seems to be enough of. Innovative storage solutions allow customers businesses to keep their property organized and free of clutter for improved ease, convenience, and productivity. Make Quality Containers provides residential and commercial customers with high quality, durable shipping containers that can be used for extra storage when needed. Our products are constructed to provide secure, weatherproof storage, and are available in a range of sizes to comfortably store everything from handheld tools to furniture. We sell new and used shipping containers to ensure that our customers are able to find a storage solution that will fit their needs and budget. Contact Make Quality Containers to inquire about the purchase of a shipping container for extra on-site storage. Call 214-898-3021​ to be connected right away to someone on our team who can hel you right away. If we miss your call, we will get back to you as soon as we can, your business is very important to us.

Commercial Storage

Shipping containers can be used for temporary or long term storage, making them ideal for commercial customers who require a safe and accessible place to store equipment, inventory, extra furniture, or other items. When not in use, shipping containers can easily be relocated or put away until they are needed again. This flexibility and convenience is the reason why many businesses choose our products for commercial storage.

Residential Storage

Many customers have been gravitating towards shipping containers as a solution for extra residential storage in recent years. The ability to modify and customize our product has not gone unnoticed by many creative Dallas residents, who have transformed new or used shipping containers into beautiful sheds and detached storage spaces for their property. This trend has caught on as more and more people are seeing shipping containers used outside of their traditional context, and are beginning to realize the potential of the product. New or used shipping containers offer an economical and easy solution for residential storage. They are secure and durable, perfect for storing supplies, tools, bikes, or other belongings on-site. Call 214-898-3021​ for more info about your specific need(s).

Electrical Storage Facility

In addition to storing goods, supplies, equipment, and other belongings, shipping containers can also be used as electrical storage facilities. This saves property owners the expense of renovating their building or constructing a new addition to accommodate any further electrical work. Make Quality Containers sells top quality new and used shipping containers that provide exceptional protection and security for your electrical work. Shipping containers are available in different sizes to make finding an option that suits your needs easy and convenient. Contact Make Quality Containers at 214-898-3021​​ to learn more about how our shipping containers can be used for extra residential and commercial storage.