New Containers

When purchasing a shipping container from Make Quality Containers, our customers have the option of choosing a new or used unit. There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding which will better serve your needs. Whether you require a shipping container for transportation, storage, or commercial uses, it is important to know the differences to expect between a new and used shipping container. Each have their benefits and, depending on the intended use, one option may be a more practical solution than the other, To help you to make a purchase that you will feel confident about and satisfied with, Make Quality Containers has outlined some considerations for those looking for a new shipping container. Feel free to read more below, or just call 214-898-3021​ for a quick conversation about your specific needs.


Make Quality Containers carries a wide selection of new, high quality shipping containers that are ideal for storage, transportation, and commercial uses, among other things. Residential and commercial customers looking to purchase a new shipping container should consider the following to ensure that a new container will best suit their needs.


New shipping containers are more expensive than used shipping containers, but may offer greater peace of mind to customers who want the guarantee of an undamaged and unblemished shipping container.


While Make Quality Containers only offers used shipping containers that have passed a thorough inspection and have met our stringent quality standards, customers should still expect that there may be minor cosmetic damage or imperfections present. Our new shipping containers are guaranteed to be the latest model and have come straight off the line, meaning that they are in top condition and possess the latest features for safety, security, and ease of transport.


Options are more flexible when buying a new shipping container. We have multiple sizes in stock to suit any need. If you are looking for something very specific, a new shipping container may be a more appropriate choice. Just call to find out more about what we have available this week by dialing 214-898-3021​.

Resell Value

When the shipping container is no longer needed, customers have the option resell in order to make back some of their investment. With a new shipping container, you will often get a higher resale price, as long as it has been well-maintained and has sustained minimal damage.


New shipping containers often come with a warranty, which is one of the most important considerations for many of our customers. A warranty will keep buyers protected in the case of a flaw or defect with their purchase.

Your Final Choice

At Make Quality Containers, we encourage our customers to make the best choice for their specific circumstances and needs with careful consideration to the above. Those who intend to modify or remodel their shipping container may be better served by a used container, whereas those who want unparalleled protection and durability may prefer a new container instead. It comes down to what is more important to you, and what purpose you have in mind for the shipping container. For more information on our new and used shipping containers, please contact Make Quality Containers and we will be happy to assist. Call us today at214-898-3021.