Used Containers

There can be many benefits to purchasing a pre-owned shipping container, but some Dallas, TX customers are hesitant when it comes to buying used goods, and for understandable reasons. The biggest concern is the condition of a used shipping container. It is natural for shipping containers to sustain damage over the course of time from use and transport. That is why Make Quality Containers takes it upon ourselves to thoroughly inspect and check every used shipping container before selling it to a customer. We uphold strict standards and are committed to ensuring that whether you choose to buy a new or used unit, you will be receiving a top quality product that meets your expectations. Residential or commercial customers who are looking into buying a used shipping container should consider the following things to verify that this is the best choice for their needs. We look forward to receiving your call, try us today at 214-898-3021​.


Make Quality Containers values the trust and loyalty of our customers. Our focus is on building a strong reputation for quality and dependability, and fostering long term relationships with our residential and commercial customers. That is why we subject every shipping container to vigorous inspections to make sure they are in suitable condition for resale. We operate on honesty and integrity to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase and experience. When buying a used shipping container, here is what you can expect:


Used shipping containers are the ideal option for customers on a budget or looking to spend the minimal amount possible. If you plan on modifying the container, it may be preferable to spend less on a used unit than paying full price for a new one.


Make Quality Containers maintains rigorous standards. Customers should be assured that the used containers we sell have undergone thorough inspections. However, be aware there may be cosmetic flaws and minor dents or scratches on used units.


It can be more difficult to find the exact type of shipping container you need at any given time when buying used. Availability can vary throughout the year, and there is no guarantee that we will have a certain size in stock. That being said, we generally have a good selection available, but if you are very specific about what you are looking for and need it immediately, buying used may not always be an option. Need help? Dial 214-898-3021​.

Resell Value

A used shipping container that is being resold again will usually fetch a lower price than a shipping container that has only passed through one set of hands. However, if you anticipate that your shipping container will be subject to rough handling or conditions based on the purpose for which it is intended, buying a used container may be a better option as you will not have to worry about a dramatic depreciation in price due to a few small dents or scratches.


Used shipping containers will often no longer be covered under manufacturer warranty. If you plan on repurposing the shipping container, this will not be of relevance to you.

Your Final Choice

New and used shipping containers can both provide wonderful storage and transport solutions for customers. Learn the benefits of each and consider which is best suited for your needs. Best Buy Containerss will be happy to assist you with your purchase no matter which option you choose. Call us at 214-898-3021​​.